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Veterans Memorial Brick Program

The American Legion, Edward G. Bond Post 40, Veterans Memorial, is located in the downtown Edenton area behind the new Chowan County Courthouse.

The site will consist of 4" x 8" red bricks embossed with 3 lines of text; one line being the name of an individual serving and/or having served in any branch of the US Armed Forces, including Merchant Marine.

The individual named on the brick need not be a member of Post 40 or a resident of Chowan County, but must be an honorably discharged or deceased veteran. 

Each brick will cost $50.00. A check for that amount must accompany this application if it is  mailed in. If you wish to pay by credit card please complete the online form below, submit it, and you will be able to process your transaction through PayPal. 

Brick characters will be 5/8" high, and each line will consist of a maximum of eighteen (18) character, including space and punctuation. See below for helpful hints in placing your text. 

As we are required to order the bricks in minimum quantities of 10 in order to get the best price per brick, it may be necessary to hold your application for a period of time. Credit card and check deposits will be held with Post funds until bricks are purchased. If bricks cannot be purchased in a reasonable length of time, your money will be refunded in full.

American Legion Post 40 Memorial brick Program

We will confirm your request.

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