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So you have driven past the post or have seen local veterans and asked yourself, "Am I eligible?  Can I join?"

You are not alone.  We meet many people who have been asking that question for years.  Some still ask it!  If you are one, it is time to step up and ask us.  We will help you determine eligibility and will assist you in joining our post.

In the post year 2009-10, we gained over 30 new members.  They represent all branches of service and many different conflicts.  We also have a Ladies Auxiliary for spouses and relatives of eligible members, living or dead.

We will not strong-arm you into joining.  We want people who are ready to give back a little to their community.  These are the men and women who have served and seen a lot.  They want to help other returning veterans or people in their community.

Need more information?  Here is a short list of sites to visit and contact points.

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